New Real Time VIX Template RELEASED – Week in Review 7/16/21

Week in Review 7/16/21

In this video we review the week of August 16-20 which featured some significant volatility, using divergences formed on the SPY and VXX stock charts. This video also features the new ZoneTraderPro VIX BloodHound template which is used to determine the trend direction.

The new updated VIX template is now available to download

Download the VIX Files

Right Click and Save As the zip file containing the BloodHound Templates.

Place these files directly into the BloodHound template folder when they are unzipped.

This download now includes the new VIX template released 7/18/21.

YOU MUST follow the instructions found on the VIX SETUP page before using the file.  CLICK HERE to be taken to that page


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