Software Update Now Available

Two new software files are now available. Both updates address possible errors that occur when NinjaTrader changed rules regarding how objects are drawn on the charts.

The new order flow software will also include two new indicators that track the KP2 and the KP2 Ratio in real time as illustrated above.

Installation Instructions - Contact me on Skype for the Files

  1. Using the NinjaTrader Remove Vendor Assembly tab, remove all of these ZoneTraderPro assemblies you see on the left.

2.  Import the order flow file.  The name of the order flow file is

3. Once it has been successfully imported, shut down NinjaTrader.

4.  Run the ZoneTraderPro Setup executable file.

5.  Restart NinjaTrader

Known NinjaTrader Issue

There is a known NinjaTrader issue that gives errors on startup because of data that is cached.  If you are experiencing these errors, you need to download the utility to delete these files before starting NinjaTrader.  The instructions and utility are found in this previous blog post.

Get me on Skype for the files. Zonetraderpro on skype

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