ZoneTraderPro Personalized Training

ZoneTraderPro now offers a personalized 1-on-1 training course with the purchase of the software. There are no expensive seminars to take or travel.

The classroom instruction will cover all aspects of ZoneTraderPro. Instruction includes video demonstration of market events, testing of your knowledge of ZoneTraderPro, and all proprietary indicators.

Development of a trading plan. You will be shown what is necessary to develop a trading plan and how to test that plan. You can choose to trade on a simulator and after the market closes, a review of all trades and decisions will be conducted.

Correlated markets and volume. This is simply the most important aspect of training. You will use your skills developed in section one and apply that knowledge to the correlating charts to develop additional strategies.

New with NinjaTrader 8 is Order Flow patterns. The combination of price patterns with order flow patterns makes ZoneTraderPro the ultimate and best choice to trade with both types of patterns.

What is the cost of the course?

After the purchase of the program there is no additional cost.

How is the training conducted?

We will use a program called Team Viewer for instruction over the internet. This program allows me to demonstrate all of the concepts and take control of your machine to get you setup and running.

What is covered in my personal training?

•Setup of the system
•Basic definitions used in ZoneTraderPro
•Trade and trend identification
•Advanced topics include accumulation and distribution, high risk trade identification, and correlated markets.
•Proprietary and real time indicators
•Order Flow Patterns
•Development of a Trading Plan.

If you have any questions please call ZoneTraderPro at
954-380-4854 and ask for Chris.

What does Personal Training Mean ?

What Does The Trades On This Chart Tell Us?

Live Trades

Chart Review

Learning the ZoneTraderPro trading system is more than just learning the price patterns and order flow.

What is actually most important is to understand if you are making mistakes or doing things correctly.

Making money is not the definition of a good trade.  Losing money is not the definition of a bad trade.

4 Types of Trades

I think there are actually 4 types of trades.

  1. A good trade that followed a trading plan and made money.
  2. A good trade that followed a trading plan but lost money, however no mistakes were made.
  3. A bad trade because it did not follow a known plan or idea that made made money.  These are the worst trades.  Because you got lucky one time, you will make the same mistake again and lose.
  4. A bad trade that lost money and was not based on a plan or strategy.  This is bad because tomorrow you are likely to make the same mistakes again and lose money.

So what is personal training?

Personal training is going over your live Sim trades and discussing what went right and what went wrong.  That’s the only way to get a second opinion and create a discussion about what was done right and what was done wrong.