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These are the ZoneTraderPro Partners that we personally recommend and use.   



The industry’s #1 platform delivering daily expert analysis to unveil:


  • Proprietary market levels 
  • Bullish or bearish stocks
  • Hidden trading risk

Stay Informed with Twice-Daily Expert Insights

The Founder’s Note from SpotGamma Founder, Brent Kochuba, provides key levels to equip traders with highly-actionable trading intelligence, efficient market forecasts, and improved volatility estimates. Receive digestible descriptions of current market dynamics and detailed observations about trends the SpotGamma team observes. Read commentary from Brent, a trusted market expert, provides color on what’s happening right now, with insights backed by data.

Apply How Options Trades Impact Markets in Real Time

The SpotGamma HIRO Indicator analyzes millions of options trades daily, monitoring every single options trade taking place in many of the market’s most active US stocks, indices and ETFs. HIRO translates millions of individual options trades to estimate the impact on an underlying stock’s movement – in real time. Our proprietary Delta measurement is used to assess dealer hedging pressures, displayed in easy-to-read visuals.


Professionals are always iterating.

BloodHound is the most popular trade designer for NinjaTrader. Trading requires finding a system that works.

BloodHound makes it simple to create trade signals, experiment with new ideas, and validate them with backtesting. No coding required.

Research & Iteration

  • Build Your System
  • Backtest & Iterate
  • Trade with more peace of mind.

Time Is Money

You wouldn’t fly with an untested pilot…
So why trade an untested system?

So many traders do because of how time consuming backtesting is… or was.

With BloodHound, what once took days is now achievable in minutes!

Don’t Just Talk About It…
Be About It.

  • Bring Trading Ideas To Life
  • Discover Which Trades Make Money
  • Execute With Accuracy

Our Partners at NinjaTrader

Our Partners at is the home of professional NinjaTrader indicators, proudly supporting THOUSANDS of traders from all across the world – including professionals and hedge funds. At, we provide Essential + Affordable + Excellent + Elegant indicators for NinjaTrader platform. We have anything that a trader needs to gain a competitive edge over the market: ninZaRenko, order flow, market profile, volume delta, volume, trend, reversal, sideways, price action, support/resistance, oscillator, order execution, utility… All under one roof at