New Software Package Available Now

software chart

New Softare package for Bar By Bar VIX Readings

There is a new software update that will provide bar by updates for VIX1D, Vix9D, VIX, and COR90D.  Those 4 indicators are shown in the chart above.

There will be a new VIX template available shortly and I will post it on the downloads page and make a blog entry.

In order to install the new software update, you must first remove 2 vendor assemblies. 

You can not overwrite the old files.

Before you start the update, contact me on Skype for the file

Remove the Old Files - Remove NinjaScript Assembly

remove vendoe assembly

Remove 2 Assemblies


Only remove these 2 Assemblies

Spy Divergence_NT8


Finally Import the new NinjaScript zip file I have sent you

remove vendoe assembly

It should not be necessary to re-start NinjaTrader


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