New VIX Real Time Template

VIX Real Time Example

By the end of the week there will be a new and better Real Time VIX Template available. The concept is still the same, trade with the VIX. What is different and better, is the use of the ZTP Cumulative Delta Indicator to generate the signal. Great short trend trade from today 4/12/21 illustrated above.

VIX Real Time Example

What is really great about this new idea is not only giving a clearer into trades, but also keeping us from bad ones. In the above example, we have successful VIX long and short trade signals. The templates gives us a great exit signal, and then keeps us out of two losing long trades. Very cool stuff.

VIX Real Time Example

From the same day, a nice short signal, followed by two long signals, and again keeping from taking 2 short trade losing trades.

Look for a video and a dedicated web page this weekend. There will be download links in the next blog post and on the page.

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