1DTE VIX Live Today


At approximately 1353 hrs. EST the one-day Vix started working under the symbol VIX1D, and you can see a chart of that above. The BloodHound template that you see on the chart is only showing only two symbols, the VIX1D and the VIX9D. 

I had an interesting idea that I’m going to further pursue. Where you see the arrows on the chart, that is where normal support and resistance has been exceeded. All of the other support and resistance levels held. The thinking behind this, is this could be an important clue to if the support and resistance zones are going to hold

Setting Up VIX1D

Just like before, you’re going to need to add the symbol to the instruments, and then add the instrument to the Index Symbol List in the NinjaTrader control panel. Here is what that looks like to the right. You need to put CBOE as the exchange and tell Kinetick where to find it. The setting for Kinetick which you can copy and paste from here is

  •  VIX1D.XO
Vix Instrument

NinjaTrader Instrument Manager for Vix Setup

In this video we look at adding the VIX9D symbol to NinjaTrader and setup of the BloodHound Charts

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