New Realtime VIX BloodHound Template

Realtime VIX Template

There is a new VIX template which adds a real time component to the signal. It is suggested that you run the real time template on one chart and the standard VIX on the other.

The updated VIX template now has a real time option.   The real time option is available for both the VIX and the VIX9D.  With the new template is picking up is the underlying VIX symbol and a correlated FOREX pair.

The FOREX pair is not always 100% in sync with the markets, but it is highly correlated and especially on a trend move you will see the signals.BloodHound template painting the background.

I also learned something new recently. I had noted earlier that the VIX template was better at the open compared to the VIX9D chart and figured out the reason. When I loaded these charts I did not adjust the trading hours parameter in the data series.  It had been set to use instrument settings. It should be set to 24X7  for the VIX because it begins updating early in the morning.  The VIX9D does not begin to update until the open of the market at 0 9:30 AM EST.

So this is the reason that VIX should probably be referenced in the premarket with the real time template and into the open. However, you need to test both to determine the settings that you like and the templates that you use.


Download the VIX Files

Right Click and Save As the zip file containing the BloodHound Templates.

These files are placed in this location when they are unzipped.


The next files are the SharkIndicators template files.  You need to place these in the BloodHound folder once they are unzipped.  

The picture on the right shows that path.

ZoneTraderPro Realtime Bloodhound VIX Template

In this video we look at a new realtime BloodHound template that gives a realtime look at the VIX.

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  1. David Blake

    hi Chris a great new development on the ZTP system – looking forward to running this, talk again soon, cheers

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