New Real Time BloodHound VIX Template

There is a new template named ZtpVixLogicRealTimeVvixV3.blk now available. The difference is that I removed unnecessary solvers from the V2 version. Those solvers slow down the loading of the BloodHound Template. It is strongly recommended that you download the current ZIP file and use the V3 version.


If you are an existing ZoneTraderPro customer you already have a license checker and BloodHound NinjaTrader file, which was installed using the NinjaTrader Control Panel. 

The second file is a ZIP file containing the BloodHound templates.  You can download the BloodHound templates below.

Download the VIX Files

Right Click and Save As the zip file containing the BloodHound Templates.

NOTE:  The file was updated 12/04/2021.


Next are the SharkIndicators BloodHound template files.  You need to place these in the BloodHound folder once they are unzipped.  

The picture on the right shows that path.

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