Using VIX to to Trade ES Futures

Using VIX to to Trade ES Futures

In this video we look at the $VIX symbol and the VXX stock symbol, and how they are used to execute our ES futures trades.

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  1. David

    Chris looks very interesting and great to see you continue to push the boundaries forward on the ZTP system we all love to use and trade from! i’ll give you a call this week to chat over pls so i can add into my workspace soonest!

  2. Emanuel

    When looking at the KP2 ratio of the ES futures, typically you have positive ratios at the tops and negative ratios at the bottoms. Having negative numbers at the tops and positive numbers at the bottoms is something you want to pay special attention to. However, when looking at the KP2 ratios of VXX, you are just as likely to have positive and negative numbers at the tops (and at the bottoms). Has anyone found any rhyme or reason for this? Do the KP2 ratios on VXX therefore provide any information?

    1. Chris

      I mentioned this in video
      Stocks are controlled by market makers that know the entire book
      It’s manipulation pure and simple
      It’s interesting also but that’s why I said look more to the vxx order flow and delta strength on that

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