Webinar with SharkIndicators BloodHound Tomorrow

Webinar with SharkIndicators BloodHound Tomorrow June 27 4:30 PM EST

Join ZoneTraderPro and SharkIndicators tomorrow June 27, 2019 at 430 PM EST.  The webinar will be a short presentation to display the ZoneTraderPro Price Patterns, Order Flow Patterns, and Divergence Patterns working with SharkIndicators BloodHound software.

In this event I will cover how powerful signals can be developed when price patterns and order flow patterns work together. Taken separately, these signals are important, but when combined using BloodHound they can form powerful tools delivering quality trading signals.

This event will cover:

– ZoneTraderPro Price Patterns
– ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Patterns
– Using BloodHound to develop quality trades
– Cumulative Delta using order size (and not fill size)
– Trading divergences using order flow and BlackBird
– Trading accumulation and distribution using BlackBird

BloodHound Signals with Divergence

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