BloodHound Update Now Available for Purchase

BloodHound Chart

BloodHound Update Now Available for Purchase

The BloodHound update is now available for purchase.  The cost of the upgrade is $395.  This is a paid upgrade because of the cost to make the software.

The software that identifies patterns had to be completely rewritten from a clean sheet to expose the patterns to BloodHound.  The cost of that was nearly $5,000.  This is why a paid upgrade is necessary.

The same software is available for free, but it does not have the BloodHound variables exposed.  Both versions will be available with the next software update, hopefully tomorrow.

Why is this necessary? What is BloodHound? TESTING TESTING TESTING

In the example picture above, I have created the logic that looks for both a price pattern and an order flow pattern.  So on the chart you can see where there was that combination, which produces a trading signal.  This is really cool technology, because in a single afternoon, you can create trading strategies that would normally have taken months of work and testing.

You are able to test both entry and exit signals.  All of the trading signals have the ability to program a stop to very easily see a trade entry and if that trade got stopped out.

BloodHound is also extremely powerful and allows you to test other trading ideas using other indicators that have their values exposed to BloodHound.

You can then fully automate your trading with there BlackBird strategy.  With BlackBird, you can send the BloodHound signal to BlackBird, and initiate a trade automatically.

The Fine Print

The ZoneTraderPro BloodHound upgrade is $395.  You are not purchasing the BloodHound indicator.  You are purchasing the ZoneTraderPro indicator suite with BloodHound values exposed to the BloodHound indicator.

This upgrade option is for customers who have already purchased a ZoneTraderPro lifetime license. Please note the BloodHound limitations below. You are not purchasing the BloodHound indicator. You will be required to install BloodHound software to use this upgrade.

The BloodHound update has the following limitations.

1) The tick divergence price pattern will not be available

2) The cumulative delta, divergence, and delta strength indicators are not currently available to BloodHound because they require Tick Replay, which is a current BloodHound limitation.

Purchase ZoneTraderPro BloodHound Upgrade using PayPal

My Support for BloodHound

The ZoneTraderPro support for this upgrade is limited to the ZoneTraderPro indicators.  They are very simple to program, because they look for an indicator threshold.  The is the easiest BloodHound solver.  It is either a 1 or a -1.

I am not going to support anything else that BloodHound does.  SharkIndicators does a great job with their videos and webinars.

I will provide personal training, video training and a BloodHound template file to make getting started real easy.

In the picture below, this is the logic template that created the buy and sell signals from this mornings chart that is at the top of this post.


BloodHound Logic Solver

SharkIndicators Website

To learn more about SharkIndicators and BloodHound please follow this link.  They offer a free 30 day trial.

Software Update News

The final software updates were sent to the programmer to compile on Wednesday.  He had promised to compile the files on Wednesday.  That did not happen.  He did not answer my emails or Skype messages until today.  He said he is having a problem with his server.

So I am hoping that this is a temporary problem that will be fixed this weekend.  Trust me.  Very frustrating for me also.

Purchase ZoneTraderPro BloodHound Upgrade using PayPal

The PayPal link can also be found on the ZoneTraderPro lifetime license purchase webpage

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