There is now a webpage where you can go and see the most relevant videos and tools to learn the ZoneTraderPro trading system.

We start by looking at the videos which describe the zones and the patterns.

Next there is a link to the trading manual.

And lastly, I have posted some chart pictures which I find extremely helpful in learning the patterns and the zones.  These can be printed out and reviewed.

Why is there not any videos to learn order flow?

The order flow patterns appear on the chart and are self explanatory.  There is one video explaining the order flow setup and what each pattern does.  But it is really the indicator doing all the hard work for you.

A link can be found on the support page.

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Getting Started with ZoneTraderPro

The 1st 6 videos on the Getting Started page deal with price patterns and the support and resistance zones. 

Understanding the ZoneTraderPro Trend and Counter Trend Trading Patterns

In this video we look at the ZoneTraderPro Trend and Counter Trend trading patterns and how you prepare to take these trading patterns

Understanding the ZoneTraderPro Patterns - Exhaustion and Tick Divergence

In this video we look at the Exhaustion and Tick Divergence patterns, which are trend reversal patterns. We also look at the risks associated with each trading pattern.

Understanding the Patterns - ZoneTraderPro Reversal Pattern on NinjaTrader

In this video we look at the ZoneTraderPro reversal trading pattern, how to setup the trade, and the risks involved.

How to Identify High Risk Trading Patterns with ZoneTraderPro

In this video we look at high risk trading patterns that ZoneTraderPro develops and how you use this information to avoid making a losing trade

Understanding the ZoneTraderPro Strong Trend Pattern on NinjaTrader

In this video we look at what happens when I strong trend forms and how it informs our decisions about a trade setups to be prepared for.

Setup of the NEW ZoneTraderPro Price Patterns Indicator

In this video we look at how to setup the New ZoneTraderPro Price Patterns software and look at the 7 price patterns that it identifies.

Using NinjaTrader Tick Replay With ZoneTraderPro

In this video we look at managing your charts to avoid lockups during the trading caused by tick replay.

Using the ZoneTraderPro Divergence Indicator

In this video we look at all the features and all of the patterns involved in the New ZoneTraderPro Divergence indicator. Here is the link for the audio files

ZoneTraderPro NinjaTrader 8 Order Flow Indicator Setup

This video describes the settings used in the new ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Pattern indicator. Join me for a NInjaTrader Ecosystem event on 8/16/18 and receive a significant discount on the ZoneTraderPro software. •

Creating a BloodHound Template

In this video we are going to look at creating a new BloodHound template and using it on a larger timeframe chart. Part 1 of 2

NinjaTrader Instrument Manager for Vix Setup

In this video we look at adding the VIX9D symbol to NinjaTrader and setup of the BloodHound Charts

Create a BloodHound Logic Template for ZoneTraderPro

In this video we look at creating a BloodHound logic template for use with the ZoneTraderPro BloodHound version.

New ZoneTraderPro Cumulative Volume Indicator for NinjaTrader

In this video we take a look at the new ZoneTraderPro Cumulative Volume Delta indicator which features a reconstructed tape to give an accurate look at big trades.

New ZoneTraderPro Delta Strength Indicator for NinjaTrader 8

ZoneTraderPro releases a new order flow indicator called delta strength.

Tape Reconstruction Filtering with the ZoneTraderPro Cumulative Volume and Delta Strength Indicator

In this video we look at the updates made to the Cumulative Volume and Delta Strength Indicators and see how they worked in todays market.

Getting Started with the BloodHound Logic

You need to Right Click as Save As

Getting Started with the ZoneTraderPro Trading Manual

To download the NinjaTrader 8 manual please Click Here.