New BloodHound and VIX Chart Templates

Vix9D Chart

New BloodHound VIX Template

There are now two updates to the templates that you will find below.  The main difference is that the VIX1D has been deleted from the VIX chart template and replaced with the COR90D. 

In order to use this update, you must add the COR90D as an INDEX to the NinjaTrader INSTRUMENTS and INSTRUMENT LISTS. 

Full Instructions HERE

It is very important to start a new chart, and add the data series in the specific order, so that the template applies the correct zigzag to the correct symbol

The other change is where the ZigZags occur at.  The ES and VIX charts were studied, and the values adjusted lower for when the zigzag occurs.  If you like where the zigzags currently are, you can continue using the V12 version.  It is suggested that you test each version in a back test to pick what is appropriate for your trading.

There are also 2 new trend files that have been updated for the SPY and ES charts.  Again, they have a higher and lower volatility option.  The major change is replacing VIX1D with COR90D.

Setup the VIX Chart Templates

The ZTP VIX chart is looking at 4 VIX indexes.  The VIX9D must be added first, then the VIX data series, then the COR90D data series, and then the VVIX data series. The latest version (9/17/23) omits the VIX1D in favor of COR90D.

They must be added in this order so that the template functions correctly.

All of these data series are set to 1 tick.  DO NOT USE Tick Replay. I normally load 7 days of data here, because we are not using Tick Replay so the chart loads fast.

After the chart has been created, download and save the chart templates. These templates were updated 9/17/23. 

Right click and SAVE AS to the NinjaTrader Chart templates folder.

Download the HIGH Vol template HERE.

Download the LOW Vol template HERE.

Next you will need to add the BloodHound indicator found below.  The BloodHound VIX template file, version 13, has 2 options for the VIX Trgger Chart, and 2 options for the ES and SPY trend charts.

These options allow you to decide if we are in a higher or lower VIX environment.  In a lower VIX environment, the VIX is not moving as much as in a high VIX environment.  The lower VIX template option requires less of a VIX move to change the BloodHound signal.

The purpose of all of these trigger charts, is to match the BloodHound zigzags with the ZtpZigZag indicator. 

Also added is a default NinjaTrader indicator called the Moving Average Ribbons.  And you can see it results. The price is the thick black line. The price line properties can be changed to anything you like in the data series.  I also changed the color of the slowest moving average to black and gave it a thickness of 2.

Remember, you still need to put the BloodHound indicator on the charts.  Also change the BloodHound signal setting from .8 to .7, if you want a signal when 3 of the 4 signals agree.

Data Series

Download the VIX Files

The files are the SharkIndicators BloodHound template files.  

The picture below shows that path.


NOTE:  The most current Live Vix file was updated 9/17/2023.  It is now Version 13. 

ZTP BloodHound Version 13 Right Click and Save AS 


Software Update

An updated indicator software package was sent to my programmer about 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for the distributable. The new indicators will be a bar by bar indicator for VIX9D, COR90D, and VIX1D.

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