Shark Week 2023

Options Drive S&P Futures

BloodHound Webinar

Join me on Monday August 21 at 4 PM EDT

This webinar will be about using the ZoneTraderPro tools with BloodHound in order to assist with trading decisions.

About This Webinar

Options being traded must be hedged by dealers in real time and this is driving futures trading as the ES is a hedging instrument. As options trade the $VIX moves. Traders using ZoneTraderPro are presented with unique real-time information.

In this presentation we will understand those options basics driving ES prices

ZoneTraderPro uses BloodHound templates to determine trends using this real time information

ZoneTraderPro's other tools determine divergences in real time and risk assessment

These ZoneTraderPro tools create the basis of forming a real trading plan by being able to describe entries, adjusting targets and stops, and the trade exits. These are strategies and techniques that can be back tested and proven.

BloodHound Discount

SharkIndicators is offering BloodHound and BlackBird at a discounted price during Shark Week.

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