New BloodHound File Available

BloodHound V12 Available

Due to a small error on the V11 version, there is now a V12.  The error was on the Low Vix Trigger chart, which is now fixed.

Additionally, in the original post about the software, I did not include a description of 2 of the templates.  The two templates are trigger charts with only the VIX1D and VIX9D, in both the low volatility and high volatility versions.  

There is a pattern however to the VIX1D that makes it somewhat less usefull.  The VIX1D is rising, normally in the afternoon, when VIX9D and VIX could be falling.  My guess is that 0DTE calls could be being closed, if they are not close to being in the money, when they still have some value.

The purpose of all of these trigger charts, is to match the BloodHound zigzags with the ZtpZigZag indicator.  

I also realized that I had created a chart template for the VIX chart, but only included 1 template.  So now there are 2 templates available.  There is a template for a high volatility market and one for a low volatility market.  The difference between the 2 is what the zigzags are set to.  Again, these match the BloodHound trigger charts.

Below is a picture of the zigzags and BloodHound trigger template on the VIX chart.  You will also notice that I added a new indicator to the chart.  During training this weekend, I accidentally added a default NinjaTrader indicator called the Moving Average Ribbons.  And you can see it results.  The price is the thicker black line. The price line properties can be changed to anything you like in the data series.  I also changed the color of the slowest moving average to black and gave it a thickness of 2.

Vix Trigger

I will be doing a video on this shortly, but the idea is this.  We are alerted if the VIX is trading above (bearish) or below (bullish) of the moving averages.

We are also alerted if there is a sudden breakout of the VIX to one side or the other, crossing the last moving average.

At the open, when there is a reset in the VIX values, this is not usefull.

This chart is from today, 7/10/23.  There was some significant volatility about 1144 hours.  It was just significant enough to trigger the Zigzag to flip bearish. And then it retraced at 1155, again just enough to flip the zigzag bullish.  This was a reaction to breaking news.  

There was a short trend trade possibility at the 1155 low VIX, which is exactly when the VIX reversed and started higher.  That low in the VIX, can be used as a reference if a short trade was entered. BloodHound is there to tell us when we have a change in the zigzags, but the VIX itself is what I am watching to make a trade decision. 

Here are the download links for the VIX chart templates.  It is a good idea to delete the old templates 1st, or at least change the file name, so you know it is an old version.  Remember, you still need to put the BloodHound indicator on the charts.  Also change the default BloodHound signal setting from .8 to .7, if you want a signal when 3 of the 4 signals agree.  Once you have the BloodHound indicator on the chart, re-save the template.

Download the HIGH Vol template HERE.

Download the LOW Vol template HERE.

Download the New V12 VIX File

The files are the SharkIndicators BloodHound template files.  

The picture on the below shows that path.


BloodHound Version 12 Right Click and Save AS 


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