New VIX Template and Setup Instructions

New Vix Template

It may seem like quite a while has passed since VIX1D became available and you may have been wondering, where is the new template?  The short version is, I needed surgery because a (bad) doctor had left a piece of metal wire in me 20 years ago.  It was determined the wire was not from a BBQ cleaning brush, which I stopped using years ago for this exact reason.  The good news is that, exactly 50 hours after walking into the ER at the University of Miami, I was discharged without extra metal parts, and feeling great.  But it took over 3 weeks to get the problem properly diagnosed.

So there was that going on, and I was not looking at screens very much during that time.  After feeling great for a little over a week, I then caught a cold, which I am getting over as I am writing this.

During the couple of days I was felling good, I used the existing software  to create an easier to read chart, that does not need TICK REPLAY to be enabled, so we use less resources.  I have contacted another programmer to create the script I want, because my original programmer has failed to complete my job. 

Complete Setup Instructions

Setting Up VIX1D - Adding the Symbol to Kinetick Instruments

Just like before, you’re going to need to add the symbol to the instruments, and then add the instrument to the Index Symbol List in the NinjaTrader control panel. Go to the TOOLS menu and click INSTRUMENTS and ADD.  Here is what that looks like to the right. 

The master Instrument is VIX1D

The instrument type must be set to INDEX

You need to put CBOE as the exchange and tell Kinetick where to find it.  The trading hours need to be set to US Equities ETH 

The setting for Kinetick which you can copy and paste from here is

  •  VIX1D.XO
Vix Instrument

Add VIX1D to the Instrument List

Next we need to add VIX1D to the NinjaTrader Control Panel Instrument List.  We start by clicking TOOLS and then INSTRUMENT LIST.  You should see the window on the right.

Instrument List

Next we need to click the INDEXES on the left side.

In the second column is the current list of index instruments.  In that column, at the bottom you will see an ADD option.  Right below TICKDJ

Instrument List Index

Next we need to click the ADD option, and if you do, you will see the screen to your right.

Type in VIX1D and if you have done everything correctly, only VIX1D as an INDEX will come up, double click it, and you have sucessfully added the symbol.

However, if VIX1D comes up twice, as a STOCK and INDEX, you must delete the STOCK.  This is the most common error I see, where these indexes get added as stocks.

Instrument List Add

Chart Setup

Next we need to start a new chart, and the 1st data series to add is VIX1D.

Followed by

  • VIX9D
  • VIX
  • VVIX

The setings are all the same.  The type is TICK and the VALUE is 1. 

Do not check TICK REPLAY.

Vix Data Series

New Chart Template

When you create the chart, it is going to look like this at the right.  Don’t worry, the template will make it look nice.


Where to Place the Templates


The templates must be saved in the Documents folder location you see on the right.



Ninja Chart Location

The chart without BloodHound will look like this

Vix Template

The chart will display 2 values.  The 1st value is the actual value of the symbol and the second value is how much it has moved.

You will have to sometimes adjust the scaling on the right side of the charts, so that all of the information can be seen.

I have a new BloodHound Template ready to go, that I have been running since the new instrument started.

I want to release it at the same time as I create a video for the new template, so I can share some thoughts about what I have seen, I why I set values where I did.

This will be in a week, because I am getting married in a few days.  I apologize for the delays and can only say thanks to the surgical staff at the University of Miami who are some of the finest in the USA.

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