VIX BloodHound Template and Chart Template Download


If you are an existing ZoneTraderPro customer and are upgrading to the BloodHound version, I will send you the files in Skype.  This file is a license checker which is installed using the NinjaTrader Control Panel.  The second file is a ZIP file containing the BloodHound templates.  The link for the BloodHound templates is below.

Download the VIX Files

Right Click and Save As the zip file containing all of the BloodHound Templates.

These files are unzipped into a folder.  Then you have to move them to Bloodhound’s NinjaTrader folder, and the location is shown below. 

DO NOT try and import them as a vendor assembly.

NOTE:  The most current Live Vix file was updated 2/28/2023.  It is now Version 10. This version only has the 2 newest templates. To download only the latest live Vix template Right Click and Save AS 

To download only the previous live Vix template, version 9, download this file.  Right Click and Save AS


The files are the SharkIndicators BloodHound template files.  You need to place these in the BloodHound folder once they are unzipped.  

The picture on the right shows that path.

VIX Templates Chart

You can now create a chart with all 3 VIX symbols and use the new ZoneTraderPro BloodHound VIX Trigger template on it. This is a temporary work around until I can have a custom built indicator ready.  There will be a video published shortly for the setup. 

In order to setup the chart, you need to

  1.  Open a new chart
  2. Add 3 new data series. 
  3. Add VIX9D, VIX, and VVIX.  You need to add them in this order.
  4. Set them all to 3 seconds WITH Tick Replay enabled. 
  5. Then add the VixTemplate provided below which will load the divergence indicators onto the chart automatically. 
  6. Next you need to add the BloodHound indicator to the chart and select the VixTrigger 

Download the Vix Template Files

Right Click and Save As the new VIX template.  The template name is ZtpVix1.


vix trigger chart

As usual, if you have any questions, contact me on Skype.

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