New ZoneTraderPro Spy Divergence Indicator Release and Setup

The New ZoneTraderPro Spy Divergence Indicator is now ready for release. Below you will find setup links to the templates and new Live Vix files below.

The new software will be distrubuted via Skype. Contact me for the file. Put the file on your desktop and import it using the TOOLS-IMPORT NINJA SCRIPT ADD-ON.

If you do this during the trading day, remember NinjaTrader will lock up because you are asking it to crunch a ton of data using Tick Replay

The New ZoneTraderPro Spy Divergence Indicator Setup

In this video we go over the setup of the new software and templates designed to pick up divergences and do volume analysis on the SPY or any other stock.


I will send you the file in Skype.  Download it to your desktop and then import the script using the NinjaTrader Control Panel. 


Download the VIX Files

NOTE:  The Live Vix file was updated 2/03/2023.  It is now Version9. To download only the latest live Vix template Right Click and Save AS

DELETE any old versions.


Templates Download


There are 2 new templates that were released on 2/02/23 with the new Spy Divergence indicator.  Those templates are for the $ADD and a new Template for the SPY chart.

Before you do anything else, go to the NinjaTrader8 chart templates folder and DELETE the old SPY template. 

I have changed the instructions for the Kinetick connection.  Follow the instructions there so that Kinetick is connected on startup. VERY IMPORTANT or you will have delayed data.

Download the Template Files

Right Click and Save As the new SPY template

Right Click and Save As the new $ADD template


Ninja Chart Location

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