New BloodHound Templates

Vix9d Example

ZoneTraderPro has created two new BloodHound VIX template files.  The difference is that they are divided into the two VIX ideas. One file only uses VIX solvers and the other only uses VIX9D solvers.

The reason this was done was to reduce the number of BloodHound solvers that are working, but not being used.  This should speed up the computer computer computing process.

There is a link at the bottom of the page.

VIX and VIX9D Examples

Vix Example
Vix Example at the Open

Here is the ES chart with the VIX template on the open.  The VIX chart is used at the open because it is less sensitive to options that may have expired the day before.

Vix9d Example
VIX9D Example During Trading Day

Here is the SPY chart with the VIX9D template.  The VIX9D can be used once the day has started.   It may provide a clearer picture of the volatility because options positions are being initiated and traded that may be expiring in a short period of time. 

Installation and Use of the Indicator

The purpose of this template is not to determine a top or bottom.  It is specifically designed so that it will not identify a top or bottom.  It is designed to determine trend and give high probability trade entries using divergences on the SPY.  Read more about that HERE.

There are 2 files and each file has several templates to choose from. There a different file for the VIX and VIX9D.  Test each of the templates and see what you like.

Here is why there are two files.  The VIX9D represents options expiring over the next 9 days.  That will also include options that are only being day traded.  The purpose of the template is to determine trend.  At the market open, there is no trend.  Keep that in mind.  It is extremely common to have options expire in the VIX9D, resulting in gaps on the open.

The VIX option template seam to preform better at the open than the VIX9D, because it is less susceptible to big movements because of options expiring the day before.  

There is a significant amount of options that are day traded on expiration day.  So this creates a skew at the open.

Also, by having 2 different files with fewer BloodHound solvers, there are less math computations and they seam to load faster.


Download the VIX Files

Right Click and Save As the zip file containing the BloodHound Templates.

These files are placed in this location when they are unzipped.


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