Divergence and BloodHound – Software Updates

That is a picture of BloodHound working ZoneTraderPro Divergence Indicators

This morning I was able to get a beta version of BloodHound working with the divergence indicator and delta strength !!!!!

This is huge progress.  On the chart you will see some areas where there should be signals.  I have not matched settings on the charts with BloodHound.  Also Delta Strength is generating signals but it is not on the chart, which is why you see a BloodHound signal, but no divergence signal.

The point is that progress now is being made.  This is a beta version of BloodHound so I do not know when it will be released.

When it is released, I know there will be issues that will need to be addressed.  When BloodHound does release the update, do not make trading decisions based on these signals.  NOTHING has been checked or verified.

But this is a start.

Software Updates

My intention was to release the new software today.  I had been testing it without issues for about two weeks.  The day the code was compiled I had an issue.  As I was writing this now, my programmer just sent an another update.

So while an update is available, it will probably introduce some instability.

I am working issues on both the order flow script and the divergence script.  I am told that changes were made to the base code of NinjaTrader that tightened the rules as to how things were drawn.   These rules started with version 20.

That is why my stable code now requires updates.

If you absolutely have to have the update with the KP2 ratio indicator, it will be available as a BETA at your own risk.

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