Custom Audio Alert Files Available

Alert Settings

Custom Audio Alert Files Available

Custom alert sound files are now available from ZoneTraderPro. You may have noticed that there are alert settings for all of the ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Suite signals. Obviously the available alert sound files provided by NinjaTrader are not adequate to describe what is happening so I have created the files for you.

Alert Settings

Right click and “Save As” the file to your desktop.

How to Create Your Own Custom Files

There are two websites that will help you create your own custom files if you want something different that I have created.

The first site you need to do this is called From Text To Speech.

It is super easy to create your file.  Just put in what you want to make a file for and hit create.  The only problem is that it creates an MP3 file.  So now  you have to convert the MP3 file to a WAV file which NinjaTrader can use.

So the next site we go to is Online Convert

All you do there is to find the MP3 file that you just saved and convert that and save it.

Place the sound files in the Correct Directory

OK now you have your files, but what do you do with them?

First unzip the file so that you have the 16 individual WAV files.

Move them and save them directly to this folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\NinjaTrader 8\sounds


One Last Thing

Now that you have placed all those files in the proper folder, you need to set them in the order flow indicator. After you are done setting them in the order flow indicator, make sure you save them as the default. Just click the button that says PRESET and then click save so that you will save time in the future when you load the indicator. The PRESET is located all the way down at the bottom of the settings, down by the Apply tab.

One More Last Thing

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