Trading ES and Oil Reversals and Spotting Accumulation or Distribution

Trading Oil Reversals on 7/26/18

This video illustrates the use of the ZoneTraderPro order flow suite to identify 3 back to back reversals in the oil market on 7/26/18. The new order flow tool, the Delta Strength tool, is also illustrated.

Trading ES Reversals on 7/25/18 during a news event

This video illustrates trades I was personally taking when news broke that the tariffs with Europe were being lifted. The video examines what signals ZoneTraderPro gave when the market was reversing and how you could have profited from the signals.

Spotting Accumulation or Distribution before a big market move

This is a great video which demonstrates how to identify when a market is under accumulation or distribution and how you can profit from that pattern with the ZoneTraderPro order flow tools.

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