New Videos and YouTube Page

New Videos and YouTube Channel

I just completed four videos and have uploaded them to my new YouTube channel.  The first 2 videos detail the setup of the indicators.  The second two videos begin to talk about the ZTP Order Flow pattern and the POC pattern.  The video also begins to talk about ZoneTraderPro theory and what is a high risk and low risk trade. 

There will be more videos in the near future detailing the order flow patterns.  Later videos will begin to talk about trades on a daily basis.  Be sure to check out and subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

ZoneTraderPro Price Patterns Indicator Setup

Learn to import the ZoneTraderPro indicator files and setup and use the Pricing Patterns indicator.

ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Patterns Indicator Setup

Learn about how to setup the ZoneTraderPro Order Flow indicator.

ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Trading Signal

The ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Signal is one piece of the ZTP Order Flow Toolkit. In this video we will look at how the indicator is used to enter and exit a trade. The indicator is placed on two different time frame charts. Additionally the ZTP Extension Zones are shown and illustrate how important historical and real time market orders are when deciding an entry and an exit to a trade. These setups use the NinjaTrader 8 volumetric bars in the setups.

ZoneTraderPro Point Of Control Trade

The ZoneTraderPro Point Of Control Trade is the strongest trading pattern in the order flow toolkit. Learn how it is used with other order flow tools to determine an entry and exit from a trade. Also in this video we discuss why a trade is high risk versus low risk.

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