Realtime Trading Example

Realtime Trading Example

I have received several requests for a video of a realtime trading example.  The following video is an example of a TICK Divergence / Exhaustion realtime trading example, followed by a reversal trading example.  The video illustrates how the zones and patterns develop.

There is no sound to the video.  It is commented with captions to illustrate the important events as they occur, so it is not necessary to describe what you will see here.  The two examples run about 24 minutes total.

There is also a TICK Divergence / Exhaustion trade that occurs shortly before the video starts.  I point this out to emphasize trade management techniques that are commented on here on the blog.  The market had come up and exactly touched the blue counter trend zone.  Then you had fours ticks of favorable excursion, before the market reversed and traded at the theoretical stop price.  You can read about Trade Management here.


You can also find the video in the video library of the website.

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