NinjaTrader Manual and Software Release

NinjaTrader Manual Released

ZoneTraderPro now has the NinjaTrader manual uploaded to the website.  The NinjaTrader manual now includes descriptions of all of the trading patterns, instructions for setting up the indicator in NinjaTrader, and a compilation of the trade management series from the blog.

The NinjaTrader manual can be found on the support page.

The NinjaTrader manual also includes information on the use of ZoneTraderPro and the 10 year bond market, the e-mini premium, and the Euro Dollar classification system.

Software Update

ZoneTraderPro has also finished testing the update which includes the TICK Divergence pattern programmed into the logic.  Additional parameters were also included to allow the user to control when the audible alerts sound.  Previously there had not been a switch to turn off the early warning audible alerts and this update addresses that issue.

In addition an audible alert was created for the TICK divergence pattern.  In contrast to the other patterns with alerts, the alert for the TICK Divergence will sound as the pattern logic becomes active and a TICK divergence trading pattern is identified.  This alert can also be disabled in the parameters.  The TICK Divergence trading pattern also adds a black dot to the chart if the $TICK exceeds the previous high or low and is no long divergent.  If the trade is no longer divergent the pattern indicator stops and remains on the screen.

IMPORTANT:  Once the market price touches the blue counter trend zone, the pattern marker stops moving and stays on the chart at that position. At this point the process for putting the black dot on the chart also stops.  If a higher tick occurs, the number will update above or below the price in real time as it normally does, but you will not see the black dot warning you there is no longer divergence.  Develop a plan to deal with this when it happens. Here is an example.

Also updated was the printing of the diamonds on the chart when the Euro Dollar status changed from bullish to bearish.  Those diamonds no longer appear.



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