ZoneTraderPro NinjaTrader 8 Video Library

ZoneTraderPro Price Patterns Indicator Setup

Learn to import the ZoneTraderPro indicator files and setup and use the Pricing Patterns indicator.

ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Patterns Indicator Setup

Learn about how to setup the ZoneTraderPro Order Flow indicator.

ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Trading Signal

The ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Signal is one piece of the ZTP Order Flow Toolkit. In this video we will look at how the indicator is used to enter and exit a trade. The indicator is placed on two different time frame charts. Additionally the ZTP Extension Zones are shown and illustrate how important historical and real time market orders are when deciding an entry and an exit to a trade. These setups use the NinjaTrader 8 volumetric bars in the setups.

ZoneTraderPro Point Of Control Trade

The ZoneTraderPro Point Of Control Trade is the strongest trading pattern in the order flow toolkit. Learn how it is used with other order flow tools to determine an entry and exit from a trade. Also in this video we discuss why a trade is high risk versus low risk.

Trading Oil Reversals on 7/26/18

This video illustrates the use of the ZoneTraderPro order flow suite to identify 3 back to back reversals in the oil market on 7/26/18. The new order flow tool, the Delta Strength tool, is also illustrated.

Trading ES Reversals on 7/25/18 during a news event

This video illustrates trades I was personally taking when news broke that the tariffs with Europe were being lifted. The video examines what signals ZoneTraderPro gave when the market was reversing and how you could have profited from the signals.

Spotting Accumulation or Distribution before a big market move

This is a great video which demonstrates how to identify when a market is under accumulation or distribution and how you can profit from that pattern with the ZoneTraderPro order flow tools.

Executing a Trading Plan on 7/27/18

In this video we look at a couple of trades taken and the reasons for those trades emphasizing the importance of a trading plan and strategy.

Trading Oil Reversals using High Volume

This video looks at several highly profitable trading opportunities in the oil futures market on 7/27/18 using NinjaTrader and the order flow suite. One of these was worth over $1200 in profit !!

Using the POC extension Pattern on 7/31/18

In this video we look at the ZoneTraderPro POC Extension trade over a 3 hour period which had over 36 points of profit available and examined high volume and other trading patterns.

Spotting Accumulation before a big market move - Part 2

In this video we look at an accumulation pattern trade that went for 14 points from Friday July 31.

A 386 Tick Profit Trading Gold using the Extension Zones

In this video we look at creating a strategy using the extension zones and the gold market.

Looking at the Big Picture using a Higher Time Frame Chart

This video looks at the ZoneTraderPro patterns that developed on 8/23 and 8/24 including a 14 point winner !!

Trading on 8/23 and 8/24/18 for over 53 Points

This video looks at the ZoneTraderPro patterns that developed on 8/23 and 8/24 including a 14 point winner !!!!

Understand the Zones and Patterns

This is a super important video because we look at all of the types of trades in detail and discuss what is high risk trading situations.

New ZoneTraderPro Delta Strength Indicator for NinjaTrader 8

ZoneTraderPro releases a new order flow indicator called delta strength.

This indicator will be rolled into the order flow indicator in the next couple of days when it is upgraded.  Look for that announcement in the next couple of days.

Developing a Trading Plan - Part 1

In this video we begin to understand what is necessary to developing trading plan using the ZoneTraderPro price and order flow matching software.

Over 52 Points trading the ES on 9/24/18

In this video we look at a new proprietary trading pattern developed by the ZoneTraderPro Order Flow software and how we would have used the signal on 9/24/18 which gave you the possibility to earn over 52 points on the ES.

ZoneTraderPro Order Flow Indicator has been Updated

ZoneTraderPro Has updated the order flow indicator with additional capabilities. Check it out!

New ZoneTraderPro Cumulative Volume Indicator for NinjaTrader

In this video we take a look at the new ZoneTraderPro Cumulative Volume Delta indicator which features a reconstructed tape to give an accurate look at big trades.

There is also a review of trading on 10/16/18

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