Why is NinjaTrader the preferred platform?

Why is there no Free trial?

There is a significant of training that goes into getting a trader ready to trade. This is why ZoneTraderPro offers personal training. If you do not have the training, then you do not know what trading patterns are good patterns and what are marginal or bad patterns. Sometimes there are good patterns that end up being losing trades. But how do you know the difference? If you do not know the difference then any evaluation is not going to be a valid evaluation.

If you would like a live demonstration of the program, simply contact me and we will arrange a time that is convenient.  One of the features of ZoneTraderPro is that nothing disappears or changes on the charts.  So you can see a static chart and know that what you are seeing now, is that same as what you would have seen on a live chart.

The only exception to this rule is market data.  If you have a live bar with live data, it will obviously display any changes that occur from market trading.  Example: The Delta Strength indicator has a value that changes due to trading.