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ZoneTraderPro is the best pattern matching software available. ZoneTraderPro identifies five different types of patterns, including topping patterns, trending patterns, reversal patterns and divergence patterns. ZoneTraderPro's Forex Currency Tool identifies when correlated currency markets favors bond and futures trades.

ZoneTraderPro is now available for NinjaTrader Version 8. In addition to being able to use the newest trading platform, ZoneTraderPro will also be introducing Order Flow Pattern Matching which will identify even better the tops and bottoms in a market using the exhaustion, trapped buyers and sellers, ratios, and the most important pattern of all, the exclusive ZTP Order Flow Buy / Sell Pattern. You do not want to miss this.

Whats NewZoneTraderPro For NinjaTrader 8 introduces a new indicator suite for identifying order flow patterns. This is a tremendous jump in capability for the software because it combines the powerful price matching indicator suite with real time Order Flow Patterns generated by actual market trades. The suite identifies the exclusive ZTP Order Flow Pattern, Trapped Traders, Stopping Ratios, and Absorption. The indicator also introduces a new concept called Extension Zones which form based on historical price action. ZoneTraderPro intuitively places this information on the chart to make your trading decisions easier and less complex.

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ZoneTraderPro provides personal 1 on 1 training and complete unlimited support after the purchase. Complete support means a commitment that we help you develop a trading plan that can support your trading style.

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ZoneTraderPro is pleased to provide traders with NinjaTrader Add On with free lifetime upgrades.

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Add-on files for the industry-leading NinjaTrader™ charting platform

ZoneTraderPro RT add on for NinjaTrader ™8

  • Now Available with our 5 Most Popular Patterns
  • Easily Determine Risk-Reward Setups
  • Emphasis on the highest QUALITY trade
  • ZoneTraderPro projects Profit Targets before the market trades at that price
  • ZoneTraderPro uses Order Flow Patterns to confirm trades and increase consistency

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